AR- National Match Rifle
CMP & NRA National Match Rifle. NM Sights, Douglas XX Heavy Barrel, Handguard Float Tube, NM Trigger-Sub MOA Rifle
$1,000 require 50% for a build
Combat 1911 Johnny Rowland Custom
1911 Johnny Rowland Custom- By Tombstone Armory: Combat or Hunting ready. Chambered in .460R or .965R, NM Barrel and Trigger, Ed Brown style safety, Fiber Optic Front Sight. White Outline Rear, Parkerized Finish
$1,100 with a 50% down build.
M14 NM Single Lug
M14 National Match Single Lug: Single Lug on Receiver, all National Match Modifications made and a 4 1/2 lbs trigger. Competition Ready Rifle. $1,800
338 Remington Ultra Mag
This Long Range Rifle
uses a Stainless Steel 24" Barrel, Air Gauged with a comp that works, Free Floated & Pillar Bedded into a composite stock. It has an adjustable trigger. Lapped Bolt Lugs Sub-MOA Rifle over distance. 308, 30-06, 300 win mag, 300 RUM available as well.
M14 Designated Markman Rifle
Highly Accurate Tactical M14- Single Lug Rifle with a medium weight Douglas XX Barrel. Steel Scope Mount. Pic Rail. Bipod mount, Accurate to 1,000 yards. Adjustable Stock available - The ultimate Tactical Rifle. Designed by the USMC Quantico Precision Weapon Armorers as a complement to the M40A1
AZ Ranger 1911-Tombstone Armoury
After the Marines our lead gunsmith joined the Arizona Rangers and built himself a 1911 to carry. This 1911 has a match barrel, match trigger, Ed Brown style safety. 100% reliable and ready for any situation. The Slide and barrel are fitted for accuracy and to work every time. Very much like the Marine Corps Special Op 1911 that was made in Quatico. Different grips available. $850
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