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About US: Baker Precision Firearms and Twenty X Shooting Sports is an Arizona Firarms Business.
Our family learned the Firearms business and began in Flagstaff in 1995. We have locations in Pearce, AZ and we have just started the Tombstone Shooting Club in Tombstone, AZ.  We believe that the Shooting Sports is not only fun but is essential to our Country's values.
Alan Baker-Lead Gunsmith. Alan is a master gunsmith. He joined the United States Marine Corps and was
                                           an Infantry Weapons Armorer, Alan was assigned to the Rifle Team Equipment
                                           Repair (Precision Weapons) Shop. He was assigned to the USMC Rifle Team.
                                           Alan has more than 300 hours of formal training and has been working on
                                           Firearms since 1982. He is a member of the USMC Distiguished Shooters ASSC
                                          Alan worked as a gunsmith for Creedmoor Sports after the Marines and in 1995
                                          He and the Family formed Baker Precision Firearms in Arizona.
Bill Baker-Welder-Accountant Bill attended San Diego State Univerity recieving a degree in business.
                                           Bill had a career with the Old Spegetti Factory and then moved into the finance
                                           industry. In 1993 Bill began working with Bill Sr in an accounting business in
                                           Flagstaff and Camp Verde. While continuing with his accounting business Bill
                                           attended school and learned the art of welding to better support the firearms.
Mark Jones-Gunsmith-Ammo: Mark is an Arizona native growing up in the Phoenix area
Gordon Anderson -  Tombstone Shooting Club. Gordon is a key asset to building the shooting range and shooting
                                  events in Tombstone. Gordon is the President of Tombstone Forward and has been a great
                                   asset in putting together this great opportunity in the "Town Too Tough To Die"
We are Proud Members of the National  Rifle Association and National Shooting Sports Foundation
USMC Distinguished Shooters Association
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