Cowboy Action and Smoke

1858 target
Tombstone Armoury Limited 1858 Target Revolver: 5" or 7" barrel period correct target sights. Nice 4 1/2 lbs Single Action Trigger. Complete Gun hand fitted. $400
coach gun SXS
Side by Side Coach Gun. In either 12guage or 20guage. Nice Triggers and ready for your your SASS event. $325
Welcome to the Wild West. Chuck Wagons and more. We set up a wild west shooting gallery at Willcox West Fest
railroad ave 1890
Cochise County, AZ where the west is still the west and the cowboys are real. Check out our Cowboy Tactical shoots
trophy 1
Over the years we have been involved in lots of shooting events. Remember "If Accuracy is the Game, Baker is the Name
Cowboy Fast Draw, SASS, and western stage shows. Are you ready?
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Tombstone Shooting Club


Tombstone Shooting Club: Join us for some Fast Draw Cowboy Shooting. Improve your skills and Have Fun.

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